Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ready to (Neck)Wear

As Mel reported yesterday, the Golden Globes Awards were handed out this weekend, and the red carpet gave us another chance to be inspired by the incredible variety of high fashion on display.  The dresses looked gorgeous (mostly) and the hairstyles glamorous, but what caught my eye was the jewelry.  While many celebs opted for simple accessories paired with an embellished gown, for some the jewelry was the star.  I can't get Heidi Klum's turquoise necklace out of my mind--how else could a super simple nude colored sheath dress look so amazing?  A perfect pair.

I also loved Julianne Moore's green earrings, which brightened up her ruffled black strapless dress.

This black and green combination reminds me (and doubtless many others) of Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in 2009.  Even with so many celebrities in beautiful gowns attending multiple events a year, this combination remains memorable.

When I love some piece of jewelry that's bolder than I usually wear, celebrity photos like these often help give me the extra inspiration and courage to go for it.  Whether it's for an awards show or everyday wear, jewelry like this makes things FUN.

Both Blake Lively and her famous Gossip Girl character, Serena, love to wear the layered, chunky necklaces from the label Gemma Redux.

If you're feeling emboldened by this chunky, layered look, this turquoise necklace makes a serious statement-- just be sure to pair it with a simple outfit, or your look could end up too busy.

This fun white beaded Egyptian revival necklace is available on the fabulous vintage jewelry site, Candy Shop Vintage, created by our friend, Deirdre.  

The J Crew Bubble Necklace adds a great splash of color and an interesting shape-- it also comes in black and turquoise.

This necklace, the "Glamazon" from Claire's, makes a great statement without being over the top, and it's insanely inexpensive!  It just goes to show, even stores for teenagers and preteens can be a great place to find budget friendly trendy pieces for the more mature, too.

Also from Claire's

This pretty layered necklace from Forever 21 adds depth and nuance to a neutral outfit.

I love this fun wood and stone necklace from etsy, which has just the right combination of textures and color to make it the perfect daytime pick-me-up for any outfit.

Be bold!  Try out a ridiculously large necklace:)


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